Steve Dunn on the Mushroom Blading Vol.2 trailer

Steve Dunn is a first AD ( for a bunch of big name films. He was in attendance at the Kamloops short film festival last year where I screened the MBVOL.2 trailer. It was my first film festival (starting something!) Here's what he had to say about the skateboarding film: Mark ********** What I like about this film: ● This film is a beautiful, visual poem that I believe has a power to touch an audience at a deep emotional level; I saw this film as much with my heart and emotions as with my ears and eyes. ● This film also is powerful in a kinesic way as the nonverbal rhythms of the skaters are reinforced and expanded by the synchronized edits; in other words, the edits become invisible as the images of the skaters are allowed to breathe on their own. This is seamless and invites the audience into another aspect of sensory experience. ● The music is amazing, and provides such a strong foundation for the visual poetry to unfold the skateboarding culture. ● The precise editing to the music and the diverse array of camera angles synched to the energy of the skateboarding action is quite masterful. ● Excellent work, and I hope you enter this film at other short-film festivals where a wider audience can experience your visual poetry. ● I also liked the mystery of the 3 friends travelling together… ********* MUSHROOM BLADING is a free flowing, beautifully lyrical film. Excellent use of music to set a tempo and mood to your film. The photography and editing were both professionally done. Great camera angles! I can’t say enough, how much I enjoyed this film. It put me in a good mood. I wanted more. Wonderful job!

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