Terry Gilliam

“Everybody has their opinion and some people are wrong. One of the things I enjoy about my films is that children really love them. They are open-minded. As we get older we seem to close in. We limit the size of the world we limit everything about it. We have to break that shell open sometimes…”

“To be deemed to be OK, to be part of the culture, that`s the kiss of death. When I`m pushing against something it helps me define what I believe. I`ve always been led to see what`s beyond, what`s round the corner. The world tries to say that this is what it is, and don`t go any further, because out there are monsters. But I want to see what they are. So when I talk about the others in the group not having done more, that`s because I really admire them, and I get angry when I see those with extraordinary talents not using them.”

“Whether I like it or not, or whether anybody else does, when I start a film I have a few ideas. And as you`re getting into it, you think, `Ooh, there`s another idea,` and you`re shooting some more and, `Oh, here`s another thing. Let`s do that.` I`m always changing and adding. That`s just the way my mind works.”

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