Your songs talk a lot about reality, about honesty, about finding something transcendent within yourself. “I’ve finally touched life,” you sing at one point. Any advice for the rest of us?

EB: come with me…nah just kidding.

no seriously, that’s so individual and i could talk about this for days, it’s kind of hard to conclude here. but some basic things for me are things that humanity has known since ages; to practice techniques of non-thinking, to practice love for life and forgiving for yourself and other bastards. to end bad habits and maybe talk to someone with perspective. but above all to start believing in something bigger than you but accepting you can’t understand it. and just close your eyes, let go and feel life inside your body and around. then everything else will be come naturally, then life, love or whatever you wanna call it will take care of you and work through you.

the way to finding life is never easy. i mean it’s fucking hard kind of work to question yourself and everything around you all the time, but that is what you have to do. ’cause your mind is sick, people around you are sick, this society is sick, humanity is sick. and you have to accept that and forgive to be able to rise above. and when you’re finally there it’s so easy, so tauntingly obvious.

the most important thing for me though was finding my way back to nature and spending as much time as possible there. nature is such a beautiful and easily accessed portal to the realm beyond, the place where we all belong. the scent of the honeysuckles or the ocean, the sound of the wind in the trees or a blackbird singing, the sight of squirrels working or an ocean of snow-covered trees. often the shock of it makes me cry, just like when i saw joakim after he came home from america. the mind cries in despair ’cause it tries but just can’t comprehend what happens inside, can’t comprehend the sensation of life. that’s why it can be bitter and not just sweet. but the heart just flies and sings ’cause it touches life.

nature was so important to me when i was a kid, but somewhere i lost touch with it and it feels so fucking weird now, so fucking sick. i used to be alone a lot, my father was travelling much and my mother worked all the time. so i spent a lot of my time just walking around the fields and forests around our house. learning different bird songs and collecting flowers for my mother. that was my home then and i didn’t even think about it ’cause it was so natural. then my mind and the world around caught up with me and i was led astray, i lost my home.

sometimes it seems like madness, complete madness, that i don’t spend all my time in nature. but i think that’s because i’m not really one with life yet.

i want to be able to be at peace in every situation, no matter where i am or what i do – waking up on a tuesday morning in stockholm, looking out over the andes, sitting kidnapped in a basement in berlin, enjoying champagne on a terrace in monaco. those situations could just be like different clothes or whatever superficial. i know it is possible. you just have to focus on what is really happening, in your body or outside, and not what your mind is saying about it. i can be watering all my plants and not do anything else, just looking at and listening to the water, seeing the plants for real, how they absorb the water. or when i play tennis and get so into it that you rise above the mind. that’s what i love about sports, you just play, the mind is gone for a while, you go beyond the illusions of time and space and just do. it’s like singing or…whatever really. it’s just easier doing it without practice in some situations.

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