You gotta put love into it

“Food made with anger and bitterness doesn’t quite taste as good as food made with love and joy. That’s why home cooking tastes so good. It was made for us with love. That’s why some restaurants just make mediocre food. It was made with indifference.

The next time you’re choking down a healthy meal that just doesn’t taste right, think to yourself, “Did I make this with love and joy? Did I just throw the ingredients together haphazardly?” Next time you make a meal, really think about who is going to eat it and the benefits that you hope they will receive from the meal. It will truly make a difference in how the meal will taste (at least to you, if not the others).”

1 thought on “You gotta put love into it

  1. Well Joey, I think that it only has to happen once before it’s realised it’s not a mistake you want to make 🙂 Luckily, for as long as I’ve known you, it has only happened once! That’s a pretty fantastic record 🙂 We can both attempt to keep this in mind whenever we are putting together meals in our lovely home.

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