This picture used to scare the shit out of me


The photograph above of a cowled monk standing by an altar rail was taken in the early 1960s by the vicar of a church in England . At the time he saw nothing that was out of the ordinary. But his developed film showed the tall phantom monk seen here. It appears to be about three metres tall. The film was carefully checked by photographic experts but showed no signs of tampering.


I let go a year or ten ago
it’s all a twilight zone
I don’t where I will go
the future’s not my home

done lying bout flying free
falling on the wings of honesty
highway to reality
rising on the wings of honesty

manic scheming, heavy dreaming

took me for a ride
no need for shame no need for pride
I got it all inside

anxious dances, wasted chances
smacked from side to side
no need to run, no need to hide
I’ll wait for you inside