My Favorite music videos

The music video format has been the biggest influence on my life.  My sister and I grew up watching  in ‘the golden age’ of music videos (1990-2000ish) when a whole bunch of good shit went down… Then the decade after that I pretty much had access to every music video ever made (fuck!).  Here are the ones that stuck don’t cha’ know.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Nothing, nothing… NOTHING will ever touch this video.  The feeling I get when he pops the bottle of champagne is like nothing else in this world.  This is it for me…

Doves – Kingdom of Rust

More emotion in 4 minutes and 19 seconds than in most movies.  Female director of course…

iamamiwhoami – ; john

There’s something so dark about boys and girls and sex that only this video can capture for me.  This video and ‘Kingdom of Rust’ were proof that I could have powerful viewing experiences on my computer.

Klaxons – Echoes

Big and stupid… and totally something I would make.

Stone Temple Pilots – Big Bang Baby

Scott Weiland just fucking selling it here and I’m definitely buying…  This video looked like my first porno which made it alluring in a strange way.

Etienne de Crecy – Someone Like You

N0 No No! Issa too sexy!

Elbow – Fugitive Motel

So if you take a bearded guy… and put him on a roadtrip to nowhere and show a lot of nature it’ll be awesome?  In my world: YES.

Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution

Took everything I loved about anime and video game intros and blew it away… I remember seeing this for the first time before school and not being able to concentrate for the rest of the day.  If you haven’t seen it in a while you’re welcome.

ceo – Come With Me

Brave and honest…  Seeing inside of a mind and the polarity that comes with it.

The Embassy – Stage Persona

One of the best things about being alive: Exercising on a nice day with no destination…

Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing

There’s something about the 90’s where no fucks were given…  People try to make things like this now… But they usually try way too hard… This is effortlessly badass.

Whale – Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe

I had no idea what sex was until I saw this video.  Again…  No fucks were given in the 90’s… this girl is sexy instead of trying to be sexy.

jj – Angels

My favorite version of travel sickness next to ‘Lost in Translation’.

Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby

I’m not usually into things that are clever or things that look like art & design wankfests…  But I can’t believe this video came from someones imagination… It’s the exception (thanks Monique.)

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

The page it steals from Windowlickers book doesn’t work at the end…  But the combination of vanity, food and sex captures something about the female species that is difficult to articulate.  Bravo to the girls in the video for agreeing to do it.

Weird Al Yankovic – Eat It

The sincerity and energy that Weird Al brings to his performances transcend parody and exist in their own place…  His dancing in the pool hall in ‘Eat It’ taught me a lot about giving 100% to being silly.

Micheal Jackson – Bad

I performed to this song in front of Stuart Wood Elementary when I was 5…  I was a really shy kid but this video and song made me believe I could spin, dance and be weird in front of a crowd of people…  This predated my rollerblading by many years.

The Strokes – You Only Live Once

Julian’s performance (hamming it up), futureman outfits, Nick Valensi’s hair and a statement on the band being done…  Has a science fiction vibe to it that clicks with me.

Daft Punk – Prime Time of Your Life and Clinic – Walking With Thee

Hate is a strong word… But I hate what television can do to people (especially young females.)

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Human movement at its best.

Air – Alone in Kyoto

Well it’s basically a music video… One of my favorite depictions of sweet solitude.  Wandering around with no plan, no phone, no friends… Just busy doing nothing (but everything) by yourself with your Self in your own space and time.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Me And My Imagination


Johnny Cash – Hurt

Much bigger than just a ‘music video’… a life flashing before your eyes.  We need to project this one into space to teach aliens about human memory.

Sigur Ros – Glósóli

I absolutely can’t stand child actors…  So this barely made the list… But the climax is what the power of the imagination is all about.

Guns N’ Roses – You Could Be Mine

I had no idea what a ‘montage’ was and I didn’t know that I was being marketed to…  But I thought this was the coolest thing I’d ever seen.  I bought the tape single and played it over and over imagining the music video in my mind.

Bjork – Unravel

Probably the greatest song about love.  Like cleverness and art design wankery… Computer animated stuff doesn’t get my mojo going.  But you can’t go wrong with simple beauty.

Andrew Wk – Never Let Down

Andrew WK floating in space with a piano… belting into the nothingness.  It reminds me to be good to the most important person in my life: my Self.






‘We Are All Weird’ & and Rollerblading

“Human beings prefer to organize in tribes, into groups of people who share a leader or a culture or a definition of normal. And the digital revolution has enabled and amplified these tribes, leaving us with millions of silos, groups of people who respect and admire and support choices that outsiders happily consider weird, but that those of us in the tribe realize are normal (our normal). My argument is that the choice to push all of us toward a universal normal merely to help sell more junk to the masses is both inefficient and wrong. The opportunity of our time is to support the weird, to sell to the weird and, if you wish, to become weird.”

“The mass market—which made average products for average people—was invented by organizations that needed to keep their factories and systems running efficiently.    The mass market is efficient and profitable, and we live in it. It determines not just what we buy, but what we want, how we measure others, how we vote, how we have kids, and how we go to war. It’s all built on this idea that everyone is the same, at least when it comes to marketing (and marketing is everywhere, isn’t it?).”

“Marketers concluded that the more the market conformed to the tight definition of mass, the more money they would make.  This is a manifesto about the end of the mass market.”

“The way of the world is now more information, more choice, more freedom, and more interaction. And yes, more weird.”

“Weird (not normal) means that you’ve made a choice, that you’ve stood up for what you believe in and done what you want, not what the marketer wants. More and more, that’s precisely what’s happening.”

“Most people who make that choice are paradoxically looking to be accepted. Not by everyone, of course, but by their tribe, by people they admire and hope to be respected by. The weird aren’t loners. They’re not alone, either. The weird are weird because they’ve foregone the comfort and efficiency of mass and instead they’re forming smaller groups, groups where their weirdness is actually expected. The key element of being weird is this: you insist on making a choice.”

“The biggest cultural shift that the Internet has amplified is the ability to make an impact on your own culture.”

“It’s easier than it has ever been to make a video or spread an idea or live your life surrounded by like-minded people. And those like-minded people, when exposed to the poke of your creativity, poke back. New culture is created on top of the old one, and then another layer of culture goes on top of that.”

“The mass marketer keeps missing the point. He’s busy looking for giant clumps instead of organizing to service and work with smaller tribes. Probably worth slowing down and reading that sentence again, because our bias for mass is so strong and so ingrained that we often overlook it.”

“Some marketers got hooked on mass. They got addicted to the notion that they could grow and profit and make the quarterly numbers by creating average products for average people and advertising them a lot.”

“They’re addicted to mass and there’s no mass available.”

“If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail. The only alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people.   To get there you must disappoint some slightly engaged normal folks, who, to tell the truth, can probably live just fine without you.”

“If you cater to the normal, you will disappoint the weird. And as the world gets weirder, that’s a dumb strategy.”

Seeing through things and catching something pure.

While recently watching ‘Into Great Silence’ again (favourite film experience of my life thus far)…  It always becomes so blatantly obvious how simplicity and the power of less cuts through all the distractions and ‘trivial, energy-wasting temptations.’

I feel like an asshole every time I post something on here, or Facebook, or Twitter or whatever site I’m on… There’s a version of my Self that knows better…  This Self knows to spend more time creating stuff instead of consuming stuff.

But there’s also a version of myself that grew up devouring music videos, CDs, DVDs, magazines, video games, commercials and television shows…  This is side of myself that I’m still trying figure out my relationship with…

There have been many complications that came from constantly searching for powerful experiences of escapism or distraction.  Having to re-learn my creativity after high school was the biggest symptom (I often mistook the introspection that marijuana provided as creativity…)  Another obstacle has been constantly failing to admit to myself that technology is a drug…  However the biggest problem I’ve faced is the lack of a connection to something larger than my Self…  I’m constantly being reminded of this in silence, ritual and space.

But then another part of me is a big turd… I’ll watch disturbingly average movies, spend entire days numbing out on music downloads and youtube videos… I’ll constantly check views on videos I’ve posted and obsess over comments…  I’ll go to Starbucks and buy a five dollar drink because it feels good to have a Starbucks cup in my hand…  That turd is a real piece of shit.

Finally there’s a part of me that’s obsessed with having wheels on my feet… and that’s where the Self, myself, the turd and the lack of connection all meet and say “Hey man… don’t you get it yet?”